Series No. 4 and 3 - Bundle
Series No. 4 and 3 - Bundle

Series No. 4 and 3 - Bundle

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Book 1: Christian Patterson - Bottom of the Lake
Book 2: Alessandra Sanguinetti - Sorry, Welcome
Book 3: Raymond Meeks - Erasure
Book 4: Wolfgang Tillmans - Utoquai
Edition of 1500 
9 x 11 in.
ISBN 978-1-942953-09-8

Book 1: Mark Steinmetz - Philip & Micheline
Book 2: Elaine Stocki - Balcony
Book 3: Dru Donovan - Lifting Water
Book 4: Katy Grannan - N.
Edition of 800
6 x 8 in.
ISBN 978-1-942953-07-4

The two Subscription Series sets prior to our most current Series cover ground from contemporary international photographers in Series No. 4 to imagined narratives in Series No. 3.

Highlights include: 
Utoquai by Wolfgang Tillmans, a beautifully up close and intense study of one muse told in 38 photographs, Tillmans' gaze moves us from intimate close ups to serene full body portraiture.

Lifting Water by Dru Donovan. Via reenactment the artist investigates the loss of a loved one. Using hired actors in a rented hotel room, the artist worked rapidly, relying on memory, intuition and instinct to build a collection of images that reads equal parts film noir, Broadway play, and cinéma vérité at once.  

Series No. 4 and 3 - Bundle