Subscription Series No.2
Subscription Series No.2

Subscription Series No.2

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Book #1: Todd Hido - Ohio
Book #2: Abner Nolan - Away
Book #3: Marianne Mueller - Noon
Book #4: Alec Soth - Sheep
Edition of 800
Edition Varie
6 x 8 in.
ISBN 978-1-942953-05-0


Todd Hido, Ohio

Hido revisits adolescence in a way that is haunting and beautifully displayed before us. Using the same camera he made his earliest photos with as a child, the artist seamlessly combines his vintage and contemporary works into a narrative that is uniquely his. In 40 short pages we are able move from adolescence to young adulthood.


Abner Nolan, Away

As an early adopter of the use of found imagery, Nolan continues his investigation of the medium of narrative through photography to build a tome that when coupled with the title leaves us with the exact mood the title suggests. A brilliant use of image, sequence and abstract narrative.


Marianne Mueller, Noon

Often using her own body as a way of directing viewers through an intimate time and place, Mueller evokes a static sculptural quality in the human form rarely found in contemporary portraiture. Visually stunning pairings offer viewers glimpse into Mueller's wonderful body of work.


Alec Soth, Sheep

Soth starts us looking intently at images of sheep that are eerily reminiscent of Flemish oil paintings only to find we have been lured into a bait and switch where the artist quickly reveals we are watching as he recounts his own sleeping disorder.

Subscription Series No.2
Subscription Series No.2
Subscription Series No.2