Annual Series Bundles
Annual Series Bundles

Annual Series Bundles

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Available in specially priced bundles, our three most recent Annual Series sets cover ground from classic American master photographers in Series No. 5 to contemporary international photographers in Series No. 4 to imagined narratives in Series No. 3.

Highlights include: 
From Series No. 5: Head by Lee Friedlander, a monograph curated from 40 years of the artist's archive, exploring Friedlander's fascination with photographer as pursuant eye, catching his subjects from behind and unaware.
From Series No. 4: Utoquai by Wolfgang Tillmans, a beautifully up close and intense study of one muse told in 38 photographs, Tillmans' gaze moves us from intimate close ups to serene full body portraiture.

From Series No. 3: Lifting Water by Dru Donovan. Via reenactment the artist investigates the loss of a loved one. Using hired actors in a rented hotel room, the artist worked rapidly, relying on memory, intuition and instinct to build a collection of images that reads equal parts film noir, Broadway play, and cinéma vérité at once.  

Series No. 5, No. 4, and No. 3 Bundle: Savings of $50

Series No. 5 and No. 4 Bundle: Savings of $25

Series No. 4 and No. 3 Bundle: Savings of $25


Book 1: Mike Mandel - Boardwalk Minus Forty
Book 2: Susan Meiselas - Prince Street Girls
Book 3: Bill Burke - They Shall Take Up Serpents
Book 4: Lee Friedlander - Head
Edition of 1000
8.5 x 10.5 in.
Cloth bound hardcover with dust jacket
ISBN 978-1-942953-28-9

Book 1: Christian Patterson - Bottom of the Lake
Book 2: Alessandra Sanguinetti - Sorry, Welcome
Book 3: Raymond Meeks - Erasure
Book 4: Wolfgang Tillmans - Utoquai
Edition of 1500 
9 x 11 in.
ISBN 978-1-942953-09-8

Book 1: Mark Steinmetz - Philip & Micheline
Book 2: Elaine Stocki - Balcony
Book 3: Dru Donovan - Lifting Water
Book 4: Katy Grannan - N.
Edition of 800 
6 x 8 in. 
ISBN 978-1-942953-07-4

Annual Series Bundles
Annual Series Bundles